Maternity Leaflets

Epilepsy in pregnancy


Important health and wellbeing information for you and your baby

Screening tests for you and your baby

Screening Tests for you and your Baby Polish [pdf] 610KB

Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well

Feeling your baby move is a sign they are well (Polish) [pdf] 601KB

First ultrasound scan

Lifestyle and Dietary Advice for Pregnant Women [pdf] 255KB

MRSA and pregnancy

PHE Early pregnancy scan: brief description

PHE Fetal anomaly screening: 20-week scan

Pregnancy and Body Mass Index (BMI).pdf [pdf] 255KB

Quit for you, quit for two [pdf] 1MB

Your stop smoking journey [pdf] 596KB

Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelets) [pdf] 240KB

Use of anticlotting medicines [pdf] 247KB

Vaccinations in pregnancy [pdf] 501KB

Vitamin D [pdf] 426KB

Vitamin K [pdf] 187KB

Von Willebrands Disease in pregnancy and childbirth [pdf] 237KB

Whooping Cough Leaflet [pdf] 355KB

Pelvic floor exercises in pregnancy [pdf] 158KB

Antenatal screening for MRSA [pdf] 159KB

Screening for Retinopathy of Prematurity [pdf] 387KB

Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) [pdf] 591KB

Well-being in pregnancy and following birth [pdf] 185KB


Factors Affecting Pregnancy

Back Pain [pdf] 205KB

Breech baby at the end of pregnancy

Blood group D negative - mothers blood test to check her unborn baby's blood group [pdf] 1MB

Gestational Diabetes

Testing for diabetes in pregnancy [pdf] 145KB

When your waters break prematurely - This information is for you if you think that, or have been told that, your waters have broken early but you have not gone into labour.

Pre-labour rupture of membranes [pdf] 158KB

Chicken pox in pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia awareness [pdf] 161KB

Planning your pregnancy when you have diabetes [pdf] 165KB


Planning Your Birth

Assisted vaginal birth (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists)

Birth options after previous caesarean section (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists)

Epidural-Pain management in labour [pdf] 290KB

Remifentanil [pdf] 224KB

Back Pain [pdf] 205KB

Induction of labour and membrane sweep [pdf] 160KB

Inpatient Induction of labour [pdf] 182KB

Monitoring your baby's heartbeat in labour [pdf] 220KB

Outpatient Induction of Labour [pdf] 667KB


Factors Affecting Birth

Birth options after previous caesarean section (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists)

Breech baby at the end of pregnancy

Cervical stitch

Gestational Diabetes

Perineal tears and episiotomies in childbirth

Pre-term birth [pdf] 162KB

Prone positioning [pdf] 233KB

Shoulder dystocia



Elective caesarean section

Elective caesarean section - video

Emergency Caesarean [pdf] 221KB

Caesarean Section Your Anaesthetic.pdf [pdf] 305KB

Birth options after previous caesarean section (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists)

Contraception Clinics [pdf] 818KB

Frequently Asked Questions after Caesarean  [pdf] 332KB

Contraception after having your Baby [pdf] 111KB


Following Birth - Mother

Bonding with your Baby… Becoming a Parent.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Contraception after having your Baby [pdf] 111KB

Emotional Support in the Perinatal Period (IAPT) [pdf] 85KB

Frequently Asked Questions after Caesarean_.pdf [pdf] 332KB

Maternity Discharge advice Epidural and Spinal [pdf] 223KB

Medicines you may require after the birth of your baby [pdf] 245KB

Perineal tears and episiotomies in childbirth

Protecting yourself from genital tract sepsis [pdf] 159KB

Safer sleep booklet [pdf] 2MB



Following Birth - Baby

Jaundice in newborn babies [pdf] 162KB

Keeping your baby safe in hospital [pdf] 162KB

My baby needs antibiotics [pdf] 164KB

Registering your baby with a GP

Registering your baby's birth

Safer sleep booklet [pdf] 2MB

Vitamin K [pdf] 187KB

You and your premature baby [pdf] 272KB


Feeding Your Baby

Infant crying and how to cope

Feeding and building a relationship with your baby [pdf] 156KB

Expressing your milk antenatally [pdf] 193KB


Other useful information

Covid 19 [pdf] 153KB

Lifestyle and dietary advice [pdf] 255KB

Hypoglycaemia [pdf] 129KB

Sepsis [pdf] 245KB

Information for women with confirmed or suspected COVID 19 with well babies [pdf] 161KB

Testing women attending for maternity care for COVID-19 [pdf] 162KB

Babies at risk of an overactive thyroid gland [pdf] 157KB

Attend Anywhere Maternity Patient Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 1MB