Looking after our staff

Working in a busy, constantly challenging environment is enough to take its toll on anybody, but when you work in healthcare, it’s vitally important that you are well-looked after and supported so that standards of care and patients are never negatively affected.

At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, we love our staff and can’t thank them enough for being life-saving heroes on a daily basis, whether they’re on the frontline or working behind the scenes, each member of our 7000-strong organisation plays an integral part in keeping our hospitals running successfully for our community.

So how do we ensure that they’re supported when times get tough, can confidently speak their minds and share their thoughts, and feel secure in their abilities to provide excellent care with compassion?

We have integrated our very own Health & Wellbeing team and centre into our organisation, who work hard to implement fantastic initiatives for physical and mental wellbeing year-round, help managers provide appropriate advice, encourage staff to take part in national health campaigns, and bring amazing activities to staff onsite to provide accessible ways of unwinding and exercising.

We also have a brilliant Organisational Development team, made up of creative and forward-thinking individuals, who provide engaging materials to inform and support staff on helping themselves and our organisation develop and grow for the future.

Ultimately, we wouldn’t be where we are without our resilient staff, which is why involving them so heavily in how our organisation runs and ensuring that they never feel unhappy coming to work is one of our top priorities.


Healthy Food Plan: Our Catering team have been working hard to implement our new healthy food choices, which are now available in our hospital outlets. There is now a wider choice of meal options on offer for everyone, which cater to a variety of dietary needs and are all prepared using healthier ingredients and methods.

Dying to Work: We have recently signed up to the Trade Union Congress' Dying to Work charter, to ensure that our staff with terminal illnesses are supported with work decisions during challenging times.