What we offer our staff

At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, we take pride in caring for our staff as well as our patients. We recognise that working in a busy environment requires help with a healthy work-life balance, support for family life and deserves financial security for when you're ready to retire; we also believe in ensuring that our staff get the chance to reach their full potential when working with us, which is why we open lots of doors for career progression once you join our team. With us, the sky truly is the limit!

NHS Pension Scheme: The NHS Pension Scheme has been a cornerstone of the NHS reward package since its creation in 1948. It is the largest centrally administered public sector pension scheme in Europe and currently has 1.4 million actively contributing members, 550,000 members with deferred benefits, and it pays pension benefits to over 750,000 pensioners every month. Whilst the scheme remains the subject of significant modernisation, it continues to allow NHS staff and NHS approved staff to save effectively for their retirement. At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, we also offer financial support through our Squirrel Tool, which allows staff to put a selected amount of their pay into savings each month, so that you're never left worried about the future.

Career progression: At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, we want our staff to get the best out of their career, which is why we offer training courses and allow staff to take the time out to earn further qualifications. As part of appraisals and annual reviews, we also assess if staff are in a position to take on more responsibility and help them through the process accordingly. Staff are also given the opportunity to use their skills to teach others, and can hold workshops and training events in our Education Centres for existing staff and trainees.

NHS staff discounts and benefits:As members of Health Service Discounts, our staff can freely access a wealth of offers, ranging from travel to insurance- all as part of recognising and rewarding the incredible work NHS staff do everyday. At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, we also offer our staff the chance to work flexibly, so that you can fit your work life around your home life in a pattern that suits you.

Busy Bees childcare : On both of our hospital sites, we have a fantastic childcare service called Busy Bees. During the week, Busy Bees is open to our staff with children under 5 and is frequently offered at discount rates. Staff have always praised having Busy Bees on site, as it eliminates an extra commute and provides the peace of mind of having your child close by.

Social club: As part of our Health & Wellbeing service, staff are invited to attend social club events during weekends and school holidays. The social club is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and gives you the chance to explore local and regional towns and cities, whilst escaping from the busyness of work and not having to worry about any of the organising involved. Many of the events and trips are family friendly too, and staff are very much encouraged to bring loved ones along, so that they're not missing out on precious family time either.