Specific Study Information

Some of the Research that we do has been approved by the NHS Health Research Authority (HRA), which has included Research Ethics Committee (REC) and Confidentiaity Advisory Group (CAG)  review.

As a research active Trust we may on occasion use information collected from patient medical notes to learn more about medical conditions, improve treatment options or services. If you want any more information please contact us.  The following studies have been approved by CAG:

IRAS Ref: 223767

Study Title: Artificial Nutrition and Hydration in Stroke at the End of Life – a feasibility study

Principal Investigator: Dr Helen Jones

Specialty: Palliative Care / Stroke

Patient Notification Information 223767_v2.0_January2018 [pdf] 185KB


IRAS Ref: 257174 

Study title: Lancashire ANCA Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis Study

Principal Investigator: Dr Adam Morris

Specialty: Renal

Patient Notification Information 257174 - v1.0_ May 2019 [pdf] 251KB


IRAS Ref: 255676

Study Title: Using Health Informatics to improve Neurological Services

Principal Investigator: Prof. Hedley Emsley

Speciality: Neurology

Patient Notification Information 255676 - v1.0_May 2019.pdf [pdf] 216KB