Our Values

Caring and compassionate

We treat everyone with dignity and respect, doing everything we can to show we care.

Recognising individuality

We respect, value and respond to every person’s individual needs.

Seeking to involve

We will always involve you in making decisions about your care and treatment, and are always open and honest.

Team working

We work together as one team, and involve patients, families, and other services, to provide the best care possible.

Taking personal responsibility

We each take personal responsibility to give the highest standards of care and deliver a service we can always be proud of.

Our Values Downloads

Our Values

Our Values Pack 2018 Patients [pdf] 256KB

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Our Values Our Culture Poster 2018 [pdf] 112KB



Our Strategic Objectives

To provide outstanding healthcare to our local communities, to offer a range of high quality specialised services to patients in Lancashire and South Cumbria, and to drive innovation through world-class education, training and research.

ALWAYS events

Our values – simple things make the difference

We’ve been working with patients and staff to translate our values into some simple, practical actions that will make a real difference to everyone’s experience of care. 

We will ALWAYS :

A Ask your opinion and find out what we can do to meet your needs

L Listen to you and involve you in decisions about your care

W Welcome you and show you respect

A Assist and care for you in order to meet your needs

Y Treat you as you would like to be treated

S Recognise and be sensitive to your individual needs