Patient information leaflets

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust produces a wide range of patient information leaflets which give details on treatments and procedures carried out at this trust.  Also included is patient information provided by other appropriate organisations, for example Royal College of Anaesthetics, British Hearth Foundation etc.

The provision of good quality information is central to the patients’ ability to make valued decisions and informed choices about medical treatment and care and can:

  • Help to ensure that patients arrive on time and are properly prepared
  • Give patients confidence, improving their overall experience
  • Remind patients of what they have already been told
  • Involve patients and carers in their treatment and condition

Our patient information leaflets are reviewed regularly and can also be made available in different languages and easy read formats on request.

For any queries on any of our information or if you would like further help please email 

Carers Charter [pdf] 301KB  - We want to know what matters to you

Patient Experience and PALS - How are we doing [pdf] 304KB

Other sites for information include the following:

General Health Information Websites:

Patient UK : Health and information leaflets

The NHS Website : A-Z of Conditions and treatments

Medicines Information : up to date, approved and regulated prescribing information for licensed medicines

The Patients Association : advice, information and support about the health and social care system


Specialised Health Information Websites:

Macmillan : cancer information and support

Carers UK : advise, support and connect with other carers

AccessAble : Provide need to know guides for accessibility within our hospital. : information and support for people living with mental illness

Age UK : services and support for older people

British Heart Foundation : information around Heart conditions and wellbeing

Diabetes UK : Diabetes Information and support

Coronavirus (Covid 19) updates provided via The Deaf Health Charity Signhealth

Coronavirus (Covid19) Guidance leaflets/pdfs available in 34 languages including Urdu, Arabic, Gujarati and Punjabi:


Easy Read Leaflets

As part of the ‘Help Us Help You Campaign’ from NHS England and Improvement:

Coronavirus (Covid19) Guidance leaflets about accessing NHS services in easy read format easy read

Coronavirus (Covid19) Guidance leaflets in plain English

An easy read guide to finding out if you have coronavirus (COVID-19)

A simple guide to recognising and dealing with corona-virus (COVID19) and Flu like symptoms - Easy read

How to make health appointments on your computer or phone better

Guidance on the 2 metre and 1 metre plus

Exempt from face covering - badge to print

Exempt from face covering - badge for mobile phone

Coronavirus - how to stay safe

Face coverings

Information about coronavirus and what you can do from 4 July


Leaflets arranged by department