Changes to concessionary car parking charges for patients and visitors

From April 2021, the Government has introduced new guidance on the provision of free car parking for certain groups of hospital patients and visitors. This means that the following people are now eligible to receive  free parking at our hospitals:

  • Disabled people holding a valid Blue Badge

  • Frequent outpatient attendees, defined as those who are required to attend hospital for an appointment at least three times within a month for at least three months.
  • Parents or guardians of sick children staying overnight in the hospital

In addition to the above, and in line with our existing concessionary parking arrangements, the Trust will continue to offer:

  • Free parking to patients with a life-long condition requiring two or more hospital visits per week (this mainly applies to our renal dialysis patients)
  • Family visitors to a gravely ill inpatient a concessionary parking fee of £2.50 per day
  • Family visitors to a relative with an extended stay in hospital beyond 21 days a concessionary parking fee of £2.50 per day

Applying for a Parking Concession

Patients, relatives or carers who are eligible for free or concessionary parking will firstly need to speak to the clinical staff on the ward, clinic, or department to complete a form.
Any completed and endorsed car parking concessions certificate application forms can then be taken to the General Office.
The General Office will then process the application and issue the appropriate concession
Only the General Offices can issue concessions or deal with travel expense claims.
Therefore, concessions can only be issued, and expense claims made during the times listed below.

Royal Preston Hospital                     

Mon – Thurs    9.00am – 4.15pm.           

Fri                    9.00am – 4.00pm

Chorley and South Ribble Hospital  

Mon – Thurs.   8.30am – 4.15pm.                                                                              

Fri                    8.30am – 3.00pm

The national NHS Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme (see refunds reasonable travel costs of hospital patients if they or their partner are receiving a qualifying state benefit or allowance, or meet the eligibility criteria of the NHS Low Income Scheme. If eligibility criteria are met, travel and parking costs can be reimbursed by the hospital General Office, or by submitting the HC5 (T) form which is on the NHS Choices website.