Car parking concessions

From 21 December 2018, a new concessionary parking charge has been introduced at our sites for people who are visiting regularly or for long periods of time.

If you, the person you care for or the person you will be visiting, are required to regularly attend either Royal Preston Hospital, Chorley Hospital or the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre then you may be eligible for this concessionary rate.

The concessionary car parking charge is £2.50 per day. Although there are no exemptions, this concessionary rate is a significant reduction from the full parking charges which apply on our sites.

The introduction of this new concessionary charge is necessary in order to provide equity for all patients and their carers who regularly attend one of our sites. Concessions and exemptions have previously only been available to a small number of patients.

We are strong in the belief that funds for our car parking infrastructure should not come from budgets for patient care. Therefore the money generated from this charge will be reinvested back into the maintenance and upkeep of our car parks. Any surplus money will be reinvested back into patient care and services.

You can view the eligibility criteria for concessionary car parking charges here

Applying for a parking concession

If you are eligible for this concessionary rate you should firstly speak to the clinical staff on the ward/clinic/department being attended. They will complete and endorse an application form which you will then need to take to the General Office. The General Office will then advise you on the rest of the process.

Please note that General Offices at our hospitals are open as follows:

Royal Preston Hospital:                     
Mon – Thurs. 9am – 4.15pm.            
Fri 9am – 4pm

Chorley and South Ribble Hospital:   
Mon – Thurs. 8.30am – 4.15pm.                                                                               
Fri 8.30am – 3pm

Only the General Offices can issue concessions or deal with travel expense claims. Therefore concessions can only be issued and expense claims made during these times.

Should you have any questions about this letter please speak to your ward, clinic or service in the first instance. 

If you have a query or need advice about parking options and charges please contact:

  • General office at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital: 01257 245661
  • General office, Royal Preston Hospital: 01772 522528


The national Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme, explained on,  refunds reasonable travel costs of hospital patients if they (or their partner) is receiving a qualifying benefit or allowance, or meets the eligibility criteria of the NHS Low Income Scheme.  If eligibility criteria is met, travel and parking costs can be reimbursed by the hospital general office, or by submitting the HC5 (T) form – claim travel charges which is on the NHS Choices website.