Patient Contribution to Case Notes

Mr Tarek Hany, Colorectal Surgeon at our Hospital is leading on an improvement project entitled Patient Contribution to Case Notes.

Mr Hany has worked with patients to co-design a patient diary which has been piloted on ward 12 (colorectal) at Royal Preston Hospital with impressive early results. Patients are provided with a diary early in their journey, usually at their first outpatient appointment, and the purpose explained. The diary has been designed with patients to capture what matters most to them.

“The diary opens with a section for patients to share with us their feelings and experiences from the time of referral by their GP through to tests and clinic visits up to the date of hospital admission,” explains Mr Hany.

“Patients then complete the diary daily, summarising their understanding of their progress so far and what they need to know today about their progress. There is a section for patients to describe any issues or concerns which they wish to discuss with the nursing and medical staff followed by a summary of what the patient needs to do today to make their recovery faster.”

Patient Contribution to Case Notes from LTHTR Blended Learning on Vimeo.