Freedom to Speak Up

We want to create a culture of openness and ensure all of our staff feel able to speak up if something is concerning them.

In February 2015 the Freedom to Speak Up review was published to give guidance as to how NHS organisations deal with concerns raised by staff. The aim of the review had been to provide advice and recommendations to ensure that NHS staff in England feels safe to raise concerns, confident that they will be listened to and concerns will be acted upon. It was led by Robert Francis QC.  The report stipulated a requirement that all NHS Organisations appoint a person to conduct the ‘Freedom to Speak Up Guardian’ role. In 2016/17 the Trust established a Freedom To Speak Up Team.

The Freedom to Speak Up team can help and support staff with any concerns about what is happening at work; it can be absolutely anything, such as a potential risk to patients, professional misconduct or financial malpractice. The Freedom To Speak Up Team is committed to dealing openly and professionally with concerns. The Team consists of:-



Freedom to Speak Up Guardian - Stephen O'Brien

Karen Swindley

Independent Executive Director- Workforce and Education Director, Karen Swindley

Tim Watkinson

Independent Non-Executive Director- Vice Chair, Tim Watkinson

For More Information

For more information, please feel free to contact the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian directly on FreedomToSpeakUp@LTHTR.NHS.UK or by phone 01772 524847