Cancer Service Patient information leaflets

Acute Oncology

Acute Oncology Team [pdf] 194KB

Breast Care Nursing Team [pdf] 191KB
Breast Service discharge [pdf] 121KB
Information for Breast patients having a Sentinel Node Biopsy [pdf] 145K


Adjuvant Zoledronic Acid[pdf] 219KB
Guidance for management of fever for patients taking Dabrafenib and Trametenib.pdf [pdf] 202KB

General Information

Complementary therapies Jan 16 [pdf] 239KB
Health & Wellbeing Clinic [pdf] 200KB
Welcome to the Ribblesdale Ward [pdf] 215KB
Stereotactic Radiosurgery-SRS [docx] 501KB


HaematologyNursingTeam [pdf] 212KB
Bone Marrow Biopsy [pdf] 194KB
Aftercare following a Bone Marrow Biopsy.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Venesection.pdf [pdf] 2MB
TheHaematologyMulti-Disciplinary Team [pdf] 2MB

Head & Neck
A guide to soft and liquidised food for Head and Neck patients [pdf] 178KB

A Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.pdf [pdf] 299KB
Lung Investigations.pdf [pdf] 206KB
MacmillanLungCancerNurseSpecialistService.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Stereotactic Radiotherapy to the Lung.pdf [pdf] 252KB

Minor skin surgery.pdf [pdf] 198KB
Soft Tissue Diagnostic Service.pdf [pdf] 219KB

Lipoma[pdf] 225KB
Operation for Lymph Gland Removal[pdf] 242KB
Sentinel lymph node biopsy for Melanoma[pdf] 246KB
Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Service[pdf] 205KB
Minor skin surgery.pdf [pdf] 198KB

Upper GI

Cardio oesophagectomy [pdf] 273KB
Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Nurse Specialist Service.pdf [pdf] 210KB
Wedge Excision.pdf [pdf] 377KB
Upper Gastro Intestinal Macmillan Cancer Care Coordinator.pdf [pdf] 209KB


Abdomen & Pelvis Radiotherapy Information

Dietary Advice for Patients Receiving Radiotherapy to the Pelvis FINAL.pdf [pdf] 217KB

Breast Radiotherapy Information

Using the voluntary breath-hold technique to the left breast.pdf [pdf] 213KB