Cancer Service Patient information leaflets

Acute Oncology



Supported self-management Leaflet [pdf] 208KB
Cancer FAQ's Leaflet [pdf] 230KB

General Information
Stereotactic Radiosurgery-SRS [pdf] 339KB


Head & Neck


Minor skin surgery.pdf [pdf] 198KB
Soft Tissue Diagnostic Service [pdf] 219KB

Lipoma [pdf] 225KB
Operation for Lymph Gland Removal [pdf] 242KB
Sentinel lymph node biopsy for Melanoma [pdf] 246KB
Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Service [pdf] 205KB
Minor skin surgery [pdf] 198KB

Upper GI
Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Nurse Specialist Service [pdf] 210KB
Wedge Excision [pdf] 377KB
Upper Gastro Intestinal Macmillan Cancer Care Coordinator [pdf] 209KB


Abdomen & Pelvis Radiotherapy Information
Radiotherapy to the abdomen [pdf] 219KB
Radiotherapy to the anal canal [pdf] 254KB
Radiotherapy to the bladder [pdf] 270KB
Preparing for radiotherapy to the prostate or prostate bed [pdf] 269KB
Feminine care during pelvic radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 319KB
Radiotherapy for Gynaecological cancer [pdf] 254KB
Radiotherapy to the colon or rectum [pdf] 254KB
Radiotherapy to the prostate or prostate bed.pdf [pdf] 255KB
Dietary Advice for Patients Receiving Radiotherapy to the Pelvis [pdf] 217KB

Brain Radiotherapy Information
Stereotactic Radiosurgery [pdf] 521KB
Radiotherapy to the Brain [pdf] 256KB

Breast Radiotherapy Information
After Radiotherapy to the Breast and Chestwall [pdf] 222KB
Using the voluntary breath-hold technique to the left breast [pdf] 213KB
Radiotherapy to the Breast and Chestwall [pdf] 255KB

General Radiotherapy information
Planning your radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 388KB
Dietary advice during radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 432KB
Radiotherapy a general guide for patients and carers [pdf] 174KB
Radiotherapy Patient Skin Care Information [pdf] 1MB

Head and Neck Radiotherapy Information
Looking after your mouth during radiotherapy treatment to the head and neck [pdf] 417KB
Planning your radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 388KB
Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck [pdf] 354KB
Hair loss and radiotherapy [pdf] 350KB

Palliative Radiotherapy treatment
Palliative Radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 255KB

Skin Radiotherapy treatment
Planning your superficial and electron treatment [pdf] 252KB
Superficial and electron radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 505KB

Thorax Radiotherapy Information
Radiotherapy to the Lung [pdf] 254KB
Stereotactic Radiotherapy to the Lung [pdf] 252KB
Radiotherapy to the Oesophagus [pdf] 269KB