Cancer Patient Information Leaflets

Acute Oncology

Metastasis of unknown origin [pdf] 231KB

Neutropenic Sepsis [pdf] 229KB

Breast Patient Information Leaflets

Breast Care Nursing Team [pdf] 206KB

Breast Service Discharge [pdf] 213KB

Information for Breast Patients having a Sentinel Node Biopsy [pdf] 214KB


Advice for Managing Fever for Patients taking Dabrafenib and Trametenib [pdf] 231KB

Caring For Your Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter [pdf] 232KB

Management of low magnesium (Hypomagnesaemia) [pdf] 236KB

Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression [pdf] 329KB


Bowel Cancer FAQs [pdf] 226KB

Colorectal and Stoma care Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Service [pdf] 232KB

Colorectal Supported Self-Management [pdf] 223KB

Inflamed Bowel Disease Questionnaire [pdf] 215KB


Lung Investigations [pdf] 268KB

Macmillan Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist Service [pdf] 225KB


After Radiotherapy to the Breast and Chest Wall [pdf] 216KB

After Radiotherapy to the Skin [pdf] 222KB

Covid screening for radiotherapy patients [pdf] 210KB

Dietary Advice During Radiotherapy Treatment [pdf] 209KB

Dietary Advice During Radiotherapy for Radiotherapy to the Pelvis [pdf] 210KB

Feminine Care During Pelvic Radiotherapy Treatment [pdf] 201KB

Hair Loss and Radiotherapy [pdf] 200KB

Looking after your mouth during radiotherapy to the head and neck [pdf] 204KB

Palliative radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 204KB

Pelvic Radiotherapy and Micro Enemas [pdf] 246KB

Planning your Radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 201KB

Planning Your Superficial and Electron [pdf] 200KB

Radiotherapy - a General Guide for Patients and Carers [pdf] 208KB

Radiotherapy for Gynaecological Cancer [pdf] 211KB

Radiotherapy to the Abdomen [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the Anal Canal [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the bladder [pdf] 211KB

Radiotherapy to the brain [pdf] 209KB

Radiotherapy to the breast and chest wall [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the colon or rectum [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the head and neck [pdf] 209KB

Radiotherapy to the lung [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the oesophagus [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the prostate or prostate bed [pdf] 210KB

Radiotherapy to the prostate [pdf] 564KB

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) [pdf] 248KB

Stereotactic Radiotherapy to the lung [pdf] 222KB

Superficial and electron radiotherapy treatment [pdf] 203KB

Sucralfate Enemas [pdf] 231KB

Using the breath-hold technique for radiotherapy to the left breast [pdf] 278KB


Borderline Ovarian Tumours [pdf] 223KB

Macmillan Gynaecology Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Service [pdf] 214KB

Ovarian Debulking [pdf] 286KB

Radical Hysterectomy [pdf] 282KB

Referral to the Gynaecology Oncology Team [pdf] 213KB

Surgery for Cancer of the Vulva [pdf] 283KB

Surgery for Suspicious Ovarian Cyst or Ovarian Mass [pdf] 480KB

Neuro Oncology

Neuro Oncology CNS [pdf] 211KB

Neuro Oncology Discharge [pdf] 236KB


Paediatric Oncology - Shared Care Unit [pdf] 292KB


Sarcoma Clinical Nurse Specialist Service [pdf] 228KB

Skin Radiotherapy Treatment

Minor Skin Surgery [pdf] 201KB

Operation for Lymph Gland Removal [pdf] 222KB

Sentinel Lymph Node biopsy for Melanoma [pdf] 224KB

Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Service [pdf] 214KB

Upper GI

Cardio-Oesophagectomy [pdf] 292KB

Discharge leaflet - Upper GI Cancer Surgery [pdf] 264KB

Jaundice Information Leaflet [pdf] 218KB

Investigations for Oesophageal Stomach Cancer [pdf] 210KB

Investigations for Pancreatic, Biliary Tract and Dudodenal Cancers [pdf] 231KB

Total or Partial Gastrectomy [pdf] 248KB

Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Clinical Nurse Specialist Service [pdf] 231KB

Upper Gastro Intestinal (Upper GI) SupportWorker [pdf] 229KB

Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings [pdf] 228KB

Upper GI Diagnosis Information [pdf] 299KB

Wedge Excision [pdf] 282KB


Nephrectomy [pdf] 204KB

Partial Nephrectomy [pdf] 204KB