Public Governors


John Daglish

John Daglish (Appointment period to 31 March 2020)

Margaret France

Margaret France (Appointment period to 31 March 2020)

Dylis Hayton

Dylis Hayton (Appointment period to 31 March 2020)

Steve Heywood  

Steve Heywood (Appointment period to 31 March 2022)

Ken Jones

Ken Jones (Appointment period to 31 March 2020)

Governor Nicola Leahy

Nicola Leahey (Appointment period to 31 March 2020)

Lynne Lynch

Lynne Lynch (Appointment period to 31 March 2021)

  Janet Miller

Janet Miller (Appointment period to 31 March 2020) 

Mike Simpson

Michael Simpson – (Appointment period to March 2022)

Pav Akhtar

Pav Akhtar – (Appointment period to March 2021)

Karen Leckie

Karen Leckie – (Appointment period to 31 March 2021)

Takhsin Akhtar

Takhsin Akhtar - (Appointment period  to 31 March 2022)

Peter Askew  

Peter Askew - (Appointment period to March 2022)

Angela Allison

Angela Allison - (Appointment period to 31 March 2022)

Trudi Kay

Trudi Kay - (Appointment period to March 2022)

Hazel Hammond

Hazel Hammond - (Appointment period to 31 March 2022)

Janet Oats

Janet Oats - (Appointment period to March 2022)


Staff Governors

Rebecca Allcock

Rebecca Allcock - Representing Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Scientists (Appointment period to March 2020)

Helen Bradley

Helen Bradley - Representing Nurses and Midwives (Appointment period to March 2020)

Huw Twamley

Dr Huw Twamley – Representing Doctors and Dentists (Appointment period to March 2021)

Alison Slater

Alison Slater - Representing non clinical (Appointment period to March 2022)


Appointed Governors (Local Authority)

Javed Iqbal  

Javed Iqbal - Preston City Council (Appointment period to May 2020)

Alistair Bradley

Alistair Bradley - Chorley Borough Council (Appointment period to May 2022).
Eddie Pope

Eddie Pope – Lancashire County Council (Appointment period to July 2021)


Sue Jones - South Ribble Borough Council Local Authority Governors (Appointment period to May 2020)



Appointed Governors (Partner organisations)

Gurvinder Sahota

Gurvinder Sahota - Preston & Western Lancashire Racial Equality and Diversity Council.  (Appointment period to November 2021) 

Teri Stephenson

Teri Stephenson - Age UK Lancashire (Appointement period to October 2021)

Shirley Murray

Shirley Murray - Representing Volunteers 
(Appointment period to March 2022)