Consultant sister and nurse discussing notesThe gynaecology service aims to provide the very highest standards of care for women in Lancashire and South Cumbria.  The gynaecology service includes the regional gynaecological cancer centre with specialists surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and macmillan nurses .   The gynaecological service has developed advanced keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery including key-hole hysterectomy, lymph node dissection, correction of prolapse, treatment of endometriosis and removal of fibroids and ovaries.   The advantages of key-hole surgery are that patients can go home much quicker and can return to normal living as soon as possible.

We have also launched a one stop out-patient facility for the investigation and management of irregular periods, removal of uterine polyps, post menopausal bleeding, abnormal cervical smears (colposcopy) and out-patient (Essure) hysteroscopic sterilisation.   The urogynaecology service offers modern investigations and surgical techniques for the correction of vaginal prolapse and incontinence.  The consultants are supported by a team of specialist nurses in urogynecology, colposcopy, sub-fertility, early pregnancy disorders, peri-operative management that support patients through their care.

We are actively involved in many local and national research trials and patients might be asked to part take in research studies.

gynae doctor and hca