Vascular and Endovascular

the vascular team

Vascular services investigate and manage conditions affecting the major blood vessels of the body (arteries and veins).   Arteries take oxygen rich blood to the various tissues and organs, whilst veins return it to the heart once the oxygen has been removed.  Once the blood picks up more oxygen by circulating through the lungs, the cycle is repeated.  Disorders of both arteries and veins can cause symptoms which prompt referral to the vascular service.

Symptoms range from varicose veins, which can normally be treated simply on a daycase basis often under local anaesthetic, to blockages or bursting of major arteries.  Blocked arteries can cause a reduction of the blood flow to an organ or limb, and may require surgical repair or replacement of the affected artery to prevent serious damage to, or loss of, the organ or limb.

Many vascular conditions can now be treated in the x-ray room, without recourse to major surgery.  This is known as “endovascular surgery”, and involves treating the artery or vein from inside. This technique is less invasive than surgery, but is not always appropriate.

Our service covers a population of 1.5million people from Barrow, Kendal, Lancaster, Blackpool and Wigan. We provide both outpatient clinics and day case surgery across this area.