Renal Referrals & Advice

Renal Advice and Referrals

For all in-patient advice or transfer request please complete this form before calling our team to minimise the time our team spend on the phone and improve your access to them. Please download and complete the form then save as a new title in this format before emailing to us: [Your trust-nhsnumber–date of referral]

If your referral is sent before 11am and not requiring a telephone conversation where possible we are happy to offer advice electronically on receipt of the form and reply by 3pm same day. Please indicate this in your email when the completed referral is sent to us.

Renal services LTHTR eReferral form V3 2018.docx [docx] 354KB

Quick guidance notes for teams managing Renal Dialysis patients

Please access our guidance notes on looking after dialysis patients which will hopefully answer common questions and provides relevant contact details. Please use the advice & referral form if after reading you require further support from our team.

LTHTR guidance notes for managing the acutely unwell dialysis patient 2018.docx [docx] 369KB