Medical Examiners

What do Independent medical Examiners and medical Examiners officers do?

Medical examiners are senior medical doctors, who are trained in the legal and clinical elements of death certification processes. Their role includes:

  • Speak to the doctor who treated the patient on their final illness
  • Review the medical records and any supporting diagnostic information
  • Agree the proposed cause of death and the overall accuracy of the medical certificate cause of death
  • Discuss the cause of death with the next of kin/informant and establishing if they have any concerns with care that could have impacted/led to death
  • Act as a medical advice resource for the local coroner
  • Inform clinical governance systems to highlight deceased patients who require a mortality case record review so any formal learning can be gained by the provider organisation
  • Ensure that patterns and concerns about care are raised appropriately
  • Enabling a medical examiner officer to conduct component parts of the role under delegated authority

The medical examiner service is delivered over two sites, Royal Preston Hospital (RPH) and Chorley and South Ribble Hospital (CDH) shortly to include community referrals.

The Royal Preston medical Examiners service is located at the Bereavement centre at Royal Preston Hospital (block F), the centre is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Who are we?

Regional lead Medical examiner

Dr Huw Twamley

Medical Examiners

  • Dr Catherine Roberts
  • Dr Dianne Tabone
  • Dr Kenneth McGrattan
  • Dr Mark Pugh
  • Dr Christopher Scales
  • DR Robert Letch
  • Dr Katherine Davies
  • Dr Patrick MacDowell

Lead Medical Examiners Officers

Justine Jackson

Amy Ashworth

Medical Examiner Officers

Daniel Hunter

Samantha Fulton

Contact Details

Medical examiner officers: 528184

Medical examiners: 523633

Bereavement Centre: 522258