Ear Nose & Throat (ENT)

ENT surgeonsWe provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for all ear, nose and throat and audiological conditions for children and adults.
Services are based at Ward 3, the ENT outpatient suite and operating theatres at the Royal Preston Hospital; and in the out-patients department at Chorley District General hospital.

The service provides treatment for;

Ear conditions:

glue ear, aural toileting for otitis externa and Impacted wax. The diagnosis and treatment of middle ear infections and acute and chronic middle ear disease including cholesteatoma and stapedectomy surgery. The diagnosis and treatment of all forms of hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders (including Meniere's disease),

Nasal conditions:

Acute and chronic Rhino-sinusitis, nasal polyps, all forms of allergic and non allergic rhinitis, adult and paediatric allergy ( including hay fever)

Throat problems:

tonsillitis, voice disorders and swallowing disorders and a one-stop neck lump clinic.

We are the regional centre for the treatment of Head and Neck cancer ( both surgical and chemo-radiotherapy).

We also provide surgical treatment for anterior skull base disease including pituitary disease as part of the skull base team with neurosurgery. The assessment and treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea.


The department provides the following treatments;

The department offers nurse led ear microsuction clinics providing treatment for impacted wax, otitis externa ( ear infection) and mastoid cavity care.

The audiological service offers hearing aid provision, tinnitus therapy, balance assessment and rehabilitation. Full paediatric audiological assessment is also performed, including auditory brainstem response assessment.

Voice rehabilitation is provided by the speech and language therapists directly and as part of a team with doctors in the voice clinic
We offer subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy for the treatment of allergy.

The department provides a neonatal tongue tie release service.

Surgical treatments performed in the department include:

Coblation tonsillectomy, head and neck cancer surgery (including reconstruction), insertion of Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA), endoscopic sinus surgery, paediatric surgery, day-case thyroid surgery, endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy and endonasal pituitary surgery.

We also provide surgical treatments for snoring in the form of somnoplasty and palatal pillar insertion.

Research Projects

Our research projects include studies into snoring, head and neck cancer and glue ear.

Our Team

Our team consists of doctors (including five consultants), specialist nurses based on the ward and in the out-patients department, head and neck cancer nurses, audiological scientists, audiologists ( including hearing and tinnitus therapists),specialist speech and language therapists and supportive administrative and managerial staff.