Chaplaincy Service

Chaplain and stained glass window Coming into hospital can be unsettling and stressful.  Patients, relatives and carers may find it helpful to have someone to talk to. Our team of chaplains are from all major denominations and faith communities, and are available to speak with anyone of any or no faith.

We work alongside patients to listen, support and care and help to bring a sense of wholeness, affirming the dignity and value of each person.  Recognising and trying to meet the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of people is well understood as contributing to recovery, well-being and a renewed sense of purpose and the healing of each individual.


Chaplains provide:

  • A one-to-one pastoral care service
  • Pastoral care volunteer ward visitors
  • Visits to patients on wards and departments
  • Privacy for patients, relatives and carers in the Pastoral Care Centre
  • Spiritual assessment and support to those experiencing loss and isolation in hospital
  • Spiritual care to dying patients and their families, anointing, sacrament of the sick, prayer
  • Spiritual care and support to the bereaved
  • Religious or non-religious funeral for babies, still-births, miscarriages and terminations
  • Memorial services or events, religious or non-religious, for members of staff who have died in service
  • Memorial services for patients
  • Access to and liaison with clergy of particular religious faiths or denominations as required
  • Weekly prayers for patients and the hospital community
  • Spiritual and sacramental care, including Holy Communion, Anointing and prayers for healing
  • Befriending of patients in hospital
  • Advocacy for patients as necessary