You said, we did

Our members, and other patients, visitors and local people, are regularly invited to influence how services are developed and delivered.  In recent months our local communities have had a real impact on changing healthcare :

Maternity Services Research Event

Members with an interest in women’s health attended an event led by Dr Tracey Cooper, Consultant Midwife at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and Professor Soo Downe from the University of Central Lancashire.  The event provided an opportunity for members to give feedback about some new research ideas, based on their experiences of maternity services

Dr Tracy Cooper said: “The research team gained valuable insight and feedback from the members who attended.  The people who came along to the event have asked to stay involved with the research projects as they develop so we are delighted that we will continue to have member input".

Outpatient Listening Event

Over 100 members attended an event to provide views about how we can improve communication with patients before and after outpatient appointments.

As a result of your feedback we are implementing a new process to ensure any changes to your appointments are communicated more clearly and promptly.  We will also be introducing new ways of keeping in touch with you such as text messaging which you said would be more convenient.  And we are piloting a new service to call you to remind you of your orthopaedic appointment which, if successful, will be rolled out across all of our services.


Imaging Focus Group

Patients of the Diagnostic Imaging Department (which provides x-rays and a range of scans) attended an event to identify how the service could be improved.

As a result of patients’ feedback, we are talking to our Information Governance team about how to ensure all patient information is up to date, and have introduced a reception checklist that prompts staff to confirm your personal details, GP information and that your casenotes are available.  You said that complex examinations are not explained to you properly so we have briefed our staff that procedures should be clearly communicated to you before your treatment begins.

You also said that the MR scanner can make you feel claustrophobic - eye masks are available but we found that not all staff offered them to patients so we have reminded everyone that all patients should be offered this option.

We have also introduced a daily check on patient examination gowns to ensure the range of sizes and styles required are available to ensure you're comfortable during your visit.  And you said the environment was drab and unwelcoming so we're talking to local schools about provided some vibrant artwork to brighten up the department.


Sleep Research Project

The project, run by our Centre for Health, Research and Innovation, enabled members to become involved with the development of a research bid into establishing new methods of improving sleep amongst hospital inpatients.  Members have assisted in the preparation of the funding application and if the application is successful members will continue to sit on the steering group as patient advisors.

Catering Forum

Members with an interest in the hospital environment participated in a catering focus group.  Members were also given the opportunity to sample and score patient meals.  Feedback has been used to improve our menus.  

Patients as Educators

The Patients as Educators programme aims to improve doctor training by enabling patients to inform doctors what it is like to live with and experience specific long term medical conditions.  

More than 500 patients have been invited to become Patient Educators, to help educate the medical workforce of the future.