Transport and Arrival

We hope this introduction will help to answer some of the questions you may have about your first visit to the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre (SMRC). If, having read the following, you are not sure about something and need further information, please telephone the Centre on 01772 716921.

Transport to the Centre

It would be appreciated if you can arrange your own transport to and from the Centre, or if you could use public transport, please do so. Perhaps a member of your family, one of your friends or Dial a Ride could bring you. Family and friends are welcome at the Centre, especially if it would make your visit easier.

If, however, it is agreed that you need hospital transport i.e. an ambulance or car, this will be arranged for you at the time your appointment is arranged.

Hospital transport usually has other people to collect so please be ready in good time. If you are late for an appointment when you travel by hospital transport we will make every effort for you to be seen. Relatives and friends can only accompany you in the hospital transport when it is absolutely necessary and has been pre-arranged. If you have any problems with transport please ring the Centre on 01772 716921 and ask for extension 3856.

Arriving at the Centre

The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm (4.30pm on Fridays). If you are unable to attend during these times, special arrangements may be made by appointment.

Please report to reception as soon as you arrive. You will be asked to wait in the main waiting area until it is time for you to be seen. There is a patient pager system available, which will alert before your appointment. Toilets suitable for use by people with disabilities are situated nearby. Wheelchairs are available should you require one during your visit.

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