Therapy Services - Pain team

We treat patients living with chronic/longstanding pain at Royal Preston and Chorley Hospitals referred from the Pain service. Referrals from outside the area are also seen.

Treatment is led by the individual’s goals and values in conjunction with their physiotherapist. Our aim is to facilitate a patient’s understanding of their condition and provide strategies to help with self-management improving their quality of life.

Physiotherapy is part of the multi-disciplinary pain team which consists of Nurses Psychologists and Consultants. We work in collaboration with the team and receive referrals from all members of the team.

Patients requiring physiotherapy will be offered treatments which may include graded exposure to exercise, hydrotherapy, TENS and education.

We run several classes suitable for those who may not have been as active as usual with the aim of restoring their confidence in movement and exercise. Physiotherapy also plays an important part in the pain management programme IMPACT run at Royal Preston.

To access our service you will be referred to the Pain service from your GP or Consultant.