Elective orthopaedics - Therapy service

We undertake inpatient physiotherapy assessment and treatment for elective orthopaedic patients.

Our Team

The team consists of senior and junior physiotherapists and therapy assistants. Treatment will be designed to encourage patients to achieve their rehabilitation potential and promote independence. We are based on the Leyland and Rawcliffe wards at Chorley District Hospital.

Elective procedures at Chorley District Hospital

•Total Hip Replacement

•Total Knee Replacement

•Hip/Knee/Ankle Arthroscopies

•Spinal Decompressions / Discectomy

•Foot Surgery

•Shoulder Surgery

We are part of the larger multidisciplinary orthopaedic team consisting of orthopaedic consultants and their medical team, nurses and occupational therapists. The orthopaedic physiotherapy team will liaise with members of the multi-disciplinary team, and are integral in helping to coordinate safe and effective discharge packages. This can also include liaison with the community physiotherapy team to ensure continuity of care for the patient.

Outpatient Services

We also run an orthopaedic outpatient service to facilitate continued rehabilitation on discharge from hospital. This may include 1:1 physiotherapy clinic, Total Knee Replacement rehab class, hydrotherapy and hip advice clinic.

Service Improvement

As a team we are constantly auditing our service to enable improvement.  As such, the orthopaedic physiotherapy team now run a seven day service so that elective inpatients can access physiotherapy every day.