Staff survey

We are delighted to announce that our latest staff survey results show the highest levels of staff engagement in five years.

As part of the annual NHS Staff Survey initiative, which focuses on staff experience in NHS organisations across the country, our staff are asked to anonymously and honestly answer questions on nine themes: appraisals, equality & diversity, errors & incidents, health & wellbeing, working patterns, job satisfaction, managers, patient care & experience, and violence, harassment & bullying.

We hostBig Conversations’, where all staff are invited to come along to discuss the latest staff survey results, see how their feedback leads to changes and share any thoughts or ideas.

We're always open to hearing what our staff have to say about how involved and supported they feel, and if they think we need to work on some things, we're fully commited to including them at every stage until we make a change they're happy with; we're sure you've got some great ideas of your own, and we'd love to know what they are! Join us today to make a positive difference to our hospitals and get your voice heard.


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