Preston Skull Base Group

Preston Skull Base Group is a multi-disciplinary team concerned with the evaluation and treatment of patients with disorders of the skull base.

Examples of such disorders include acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma), meningoma, pituitary adenoma, head & neck cancers (of the paranasal sinuses, temporal bone, parotid gland), Arnold-Chiari malformation and trauma.

Preston Skull Base Group has on-site access to nasal endoscopy, orbital surgery, maxilofacial surgery, plastic surgery and radiotherapy.

The group runs joint clnics and supports the running of a skull base Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting and a Pituitary MDT meeting, each of which run twice a month to discuss individual patient cases. The focus of the group is on patient choice and quality of life.

Members of the Preston Skull Base Group prof


Mr G. Roberts (Skull Base MDT Lead)
Prof N. Gurusinghe
Mr A. Golash 


Mr A. Pahade

Head & Neck /Skull Base Endoscopy:

Mr J. De Carpentier
Mr V. Varadarajan

Maxillofacial Surgery:

Mr S. Akhtar
Mr K. Anjum 

Orbital Surgery:

Mr M. Sira
Mr V. Patel


Dr C. Lim

Plastic Surgery:

Mr J. Srinivasan


Dr S. Howell
Dr K. Kaushal

Facial Prosthetics:

Mrs A. Fow
Mrs R. Scarrott

Specialist Nurses:

Ms J. Tate (Surgical)
Ms J. Law (Surgical)
Ms S. Wilson (Endocrine)
Mr A. Fishburm (Head & Neck)

Contact details

Mr G. Roberts
Consultant Neurosurgeon,
Department of Neurosurgery,
Royal Preston Hospital,
Sharoe Green Lane,
Tel: (01772) 522583
Fax: (01772) 522093