Skin-prick testing

As part of your allergy appointment, you may need to be skin-prick tested. This is a painless procedure, where a drop of the allergen or prepared food or drugs is put onto the skin and a tiny lancet is used to pin prick through the very surface.

This is then left for 15 minutes, and we ask you not to scratch or touch the area.

The skin tests are then read and the doctor will see you with the results. It is not painful, although it will be itchy. The redness and itching will subside fairly quickly, although an antihistamine can be taken if necessary.

We do have certain allergens available for skin testing but for certain foods (especially fruits and vegetables), it is better to directly prick a fresh fruit/vegetable and then prick your skin, as this gives better results.

If you have problems with any foods, please bring them with you for testing but do not touch them and get someone else to wrap them for you.

skin prick testing