Sharoe Green Hospital

Sharoe Green Hospital opened in 1869 and was originally owned and managed by Preston Borough Council. 

As the years progressed, the hospital had staff and facilities covering various specialties, including infectious diseases, mental health and maternity services.  It was also a workhouse hospital until 1929. 

An extension was built in 1968 and by 1973 there were new  gynaecology, plastic surgery, coronary care and orthopaedics wards, a suite of operating theatres, a sterile supplies department, pharmacy, nurse training school and more staff residential accommodation. 

On 1 April 1974 the ownership of the hospital was transferred from the Preston and Chorley Hospital Management Committee (which had run Sharoe Green Hospital since 1948) to the Lancashire Area Health Authority. 

In 1976 work began to build a new construction began on a Day Case Surgery Unit.
By 1980, Sharoe Green was a substantial 500-bedded general hospital with facilities for general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedics, acute psychiatric treatment (including a day hospital and outpatients), paediatric medicine, a department for elderly medicine and a young disabled unit.  The hospital was also a sub-regional centre for plastic surgery and had a very busy outpatients department. 

Many services moved to the new Royal Preston Hospital from 1981, and psychiatric services transferred during the following four years.  In 1994 Sharoe Green Hospital and Royal Preston Hospital together became Preston Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. 

Sharoe Green Hospital closed in 2004.