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Get Support From Other People

Some rape victims feel that if they avoid talking about the assault, they will be able to forget about what happened to them. Most survivors who try this approach eventually realize that they need to deal with the assault. Their unresolved feelings and fears hold them back from enjoying their lives and participating fully in relationships. Talking about the assault can help relieve some of the control it has over you and help you begin the process of recovery. We recommend that victims seek professional counselling as soon as possible to begin the healing process. Therapy provides a safe, private place to deal with your feelings and concerns. It also can be helpful to talk about your reactions with friends and family members who are supportive and understanding.

You can contact the centre anytime for advice on what support is available in your area. We can sign post you to counselling services and support services such as Victim Support, Rape Crisis and The Survivors Trust.

We also have an ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) and CYPA (Child and Young Persons Advocate) to provide support throughout the police and court process.