Ribblesdale Specialist Cancer Ward

The Cancer Centre's specialist inpatient ward for cancer care is Ribblesdale.  Patients staying in Ribblesdale are cared for by a specialist cancer team.

The Ribblesdale Ward is on the second floor of the main ward block and provides inpatient care for both female and male patients having radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  The ward as 26 beds, divided into single rooms and five bays. Bathroom and toilet facilities including a jacuzzi bath are available. Patients are also admitted for investigations, symptom management, supportive care and palliative care.

The ward operates 24 hours a day over seven days a week and is managed by a Senior Charge Nurse, Ward Sisters, Staff Nurses and Health Care Assistants. Other key personnel include Ward Clerk, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Dietician, Speech Therapy, Pastoral Care, Volunteers and Domestic Staff. The ward offers Complementary Therapy.

The day room has a television and a selection of books and videos. Meals can be either served in the day room or by the patients’ bedside, drinks are available at regular times during the day.

Patient Information Leaflet

Welcome to the Ribblesdale Ward.pdf [pdf] 215KB