Research Themes

We are a multi-discplinary team that work across five clinical themes:


Trauma and Acute Care


Senior Research Nurse

Mark Verlander 

Trauma and Acute Care team
The Trauma and Acute Care team are currently supporting many simple and complex studies in the Emergency Department, Critical Care Unit, Vascular, Respiratory  medicine, surgery, ENT and Gastroenterology.  We can also support studies in Infectious Diseases & Microbiology and Ophthalmology.

Chronic Conditions

Senior Research Nurse

Wanda Ingham

Chronic Conditions Team
The Chronic Conditions team work across topics in stroke, kidney and renal disease, diabetes, endocrine and cardiology.

Oncology Team


Lead Cancer Research Nurse

Stephanie Cornthwaite

Senior Research Nurse

Sheila Calvert
Onclology Team

The Oncology team support commercial and academic research across a number of tumour areas. For example: Brain, Breast, Colo-rectal, Prostate, Renal, Head and Neck, Lung, Skin, and Bladder amongst others.  The team are based in the Rosemere Cancer Centre and also work closely with the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy teams.  As a team they offer access to over 40 research studies and clinical trials at any one time.

They work alongside a core team of Doctors, Radiotherapists, and data mangers to support patients along their cancer research journey.  The team are proud to work in research and continually go the extra mile for their patients, to give them the best opportunities.



Senior Research Nurse

Marianne Hare

Sonia Raj

Neurosciences team

The Neurosciences team work closely with the neurology, neurophysiology and neurosurgery clinical teams.  The neurology portfolio covers inpatient and outpatient settings, working with both commercial and academic teams running pharmaceutical and non-interventional studies in areas such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, encephalitis and Parkinson’s disease.  We also work with the neurosurgeons with a range of studies looking at spinal disorders and intracranial haemorrhages.  We are part of the team who won the inaugural research team award in the Nursing Times Awards in 2014. 

Women and Child Health


Senior Research Midwife

Katrina Rigby

Women and child health

The Women’s Health Research Team are based in the Sharoe Green Unit and cover studies in midwifery, obstetrics and gynaecology.  The team consist of a Gynaecology Research Nurse and Research Midwives.  The Child Health Team comprises of Paediatric Research Nurses who are based on the Paediatric Ward and cover studies in children up to the age of sixteen.  We also have some Neonatal Research Nurses who are based in the Neonatal Pod.  We work on a variety of high quality studies and clinical trials and strive for excellence in all we do.