Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

High blood pressure in patients with kidney disease [pdf] 193KB 
Home Monitoring of High Blood Pressure in Patients with Kidney Disease [pdf] 898KB
Medication in patients with Kidney Disease [pdf] 133KB 
Useful Books and Websites for Patients with Kidney Disease [pdf] 3MB
Information for Carers of those with Renal Disease [pdf] 74KB
Protection of forearm veins in patients with kidney disease [pdf] 193KB

Kidney transplant patients

10 Do's and Don'ts for the Kidney Transplant Patient [pdf] 2MB
Do's and don'ts for patients on the kidney transplant waiting list [pdf] 80KB 
Evaluation of candidates for kidney transplantation [pdf] 89KB
High blood pressure and risks for heart and blood vessels following kidney transplantation [pdf] 10MB
Information for patients with kidney disease referred for psychological support [pdf] 84KB
Immunosuppression medication and trough levels [pdf] 152KB
Kidney Transplant Patients and Cholesterol [pdf] 119KB 
Kidney transplant patients and conversion from twice daily Tacrolimus (Prograf TM) to once daily Tacrolimus (Advagraf TM) [pdf] 164KB
Kidney Transplant Patients and Sports [pdf] 2MB 
Kidney Transplant Patients and their Pets/Animals[pdf] 474KB 
Kidney Transplant Patients and Travel [pdf] 114KB 
Medication and the Kidney Transplant Patient [pdf] 141KB 
Post tx-diabeties [pdf] 139KB
Pregnancy after Renal Transplantation [pdf] 89KB


Procedures and treatments for Kidney patients

Caring for your Fistula [pdf] 116KB
Cyclophosphamide [pdf] 120KB
Day Case - General Anaesthetic or Sedation [pdf] 78KB
Fistula Formation [pdf] 1MB
Information about Alteplase [pdf] 65KB
Kidney Biopsy [pdf] 113KB
Parathyroidectomy [pdf] 349KB 
Tenckhoff Catheter Insertion [pdf] 332KB

Complementary Therapy

Complementary Massage Therapy[pdf] 275KB

Information for GPs

Kidney transplants leaflet for general practice [pdf] 209KB