Prosthetic Limb Service

A patient receiving help with an artificial leg from two members of the SMRC teamAmputee rehabilitation services for Lancashire and South Cumbria are provided by the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre (SMRC) with an additional satellite facility at Barrow–in-Furness.

The service is the responsibility of the Centre’s Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, and is provided through fully qualified and experienced prosthetists.

We have workshop facilities on-site for the manufacture and repair of the limbs.

Both upper and lower prosthetic limb patients are catered for, from a comprehensive range which includes silicone, active user prostheses and myoelectric arms.

The team involved in the care and treatment of patients includes:

Senior sisters – who are available to assist and offer advice regarding rehabilitation following amputation, and any other aspect of general health (liaising with community support where necessary). Nurses also offer informal support and there is a Counselling Psychologist.

Physiotherapists – provides help and advice on regaining as much mobility as possible, as well as instructing local (Preston, Chorley and South Ribble) prosthetic limb patients. Those patients from the rest of the county will receive this instruction from a local Occupational Therapist.

Senior Healthcare Assistants – are available in the absence of a friend or relative being present at appointments to give assistance when required.

Once patients are registered with the SMRC, they can contact the SMRC direct for repairs, re-assessment, counselling without having to obtain another referral.