Our Big Plan

Our Big Plan

Our strategic aims

Here at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals we provide excellent healthcare for our local communities in Chorley, South Ribble and Preston. 

We offer a range of high quality specialist services to patients in Lancashire and South Cumbria, including major trauma, cancer, vascular, neurosciences, specialist mobility and rehabilitation, and renal care to patients throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria. 

And we drive innovation through world class education, training and research.

So that’s who we are. And what are we trying to achieve?

Our mission is to provide excellent care with compassion.

To achieve this, and be a successful organisation, we need a plan.

Our Big Plan

Our Big Plan is our corporate strategy. 
Our Big Plan defines our direction of travel, and sets out what we need to do to be successful, both now and for the future.

You can view Our Big Plan here:  Our Big Plan Strategy 2021 to 2024 - April 2021 [pdf] 2MB

Four ambitions are our foundation of success.

Our Ambitions

Consistently Deliver Great Place

Deliver Value  Fit For Future

Our Big Plan sets out goals for the next three years to achieve our ambitions. 

To turn this into reality, every year our divisional teams produce business plans, which identify what they will do to contribute to the goals set out in Our Big Plan. 

Our divisional leaders engage their teams in the development of the business plans, so that each team understands what they need to do to deliver the goals, such as changing how the service is delivered, improving processes, or implementing new quality standards. 

To make all of this a reality – everyone’s personal objectives will link directly to the team’s priorities. 

By creating this golden thread from corporate goals, through divisional plans, team priorities and personal objectives – we are unifying everyone’s efforts, so that we all work with a common purpose, to deliver excellent care with compassion, together. 

Our values

Our values define the behaviour we expect from every colleague, every day, in every interaction. By setting standards of behaviour we can create a positive, supportive, and effective working environment, deliver the best service, and provide excellent care with compassion.