Other useful information

You may be entitled to claim travelling expenses if you are a war pensioner or if you receive benefits. Proof of entitlement will be required. Please ask at reception on the day you attend if you require further details.

Should you need any help or advice from a Social Worker, the medical staff at the Centre will liaise on your behalf with the appropriate area team.

Please let us know in advance if you need help with another language. We will try and arrange for an interpreter to be present. Please also let us know in advance if you have a hearing problem and we can arrange for someone proficient in sign language to be present.


A counselling service is provided by the Centre’s Counselling Psychologist if required.

User groups

The SMRC has a patient user group are in operation. Details can be obtained from the Centre.

User handbooks

Wheelchair user handbook [pdf] 726KB
Prosthetic user handbook [pdf] 766KB