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Consultant Stretch Advanced Leadership Development Programme

Consultant Leadership Development Programme

This interactive video below provides an overview of our award winning Consultant Leadership Development Programme. We run two Consultant Leadership Development Programmes here at the Trust, one is offered to all new consultants who come to work with us and the second called Consultant Stretch is offered to our rising stars those more senior consultants who are looking for their next challenge and may want to take on a strategic medical leadership role. This video provides you with an overview of some of the fantastic work our consultants have completed  and how they have made a difference to their service by applying leadership to bring about improvements.


We strongly believe that our leaders are one of our greatest assets, and we know that strong leadership skills leads to higher staff morale, improved team working and ultimately high quality patient care. To help support our leaders to shine, we provide a wide range of accredited leadership and management training programmes which will help staff with the commitment, determination and energy to achieve their goals.

The Organisational Development team offers a range of development opportunities that support staff at each stage of their career regardless of role, profession or band. The training we offer is a mix of theory, practical skills development combined with experiential learning techniques, we feel the best way to develop leadership skills is by having a go rather than just talking about it.


Supervisor Development Programme

This course is for staff, Bands 1 to 3, who either are already in a supervisory or team leader position, or for those who aspire to be one. This course aims to help supervisors or team leaders to develop their management skills.


Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading

The Certificate in Team Leading course is an accredited course, which is aimed at those staff who are in a team leader or first line management role. It is designed to give learners a basic knowledge of the various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader as well as an understanding of the limits of their authority and accountability. The mandatory unit in ‘Developing yourself as a team leader’ is a good starting point for team leaders who are new to their roles or for aspiring leaders who wish to gain a solid understanding of the principles and practicalities of leading a team. Practical techniques are also explored in relation to motivating teams, dealing with change and planning and monitoring work.


Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching

The Award in Workplace Coaching is aimed at Team Leaders and First Line Managers, it is made up of three compulsory modules which introduce the key aspects of coaching in the workplace and equips delegates with the skills to perform effectively as a coach. It helps managers to get the best out of their people, by using coaching as a way to nurture their staff, offer development and improve team performance.


Team Development

Our team building sessions aim to help team’s fast track through the ‘forming, storming and norming ’ phases to reach the high performing stage. All team building sessions are designed based on the needs of the team for example whether it is getting to know each other better, deal with conflict or formulate a shared vision, we have a range of tools and techniques to help and inspire teams to progress.


360 Degree Feedback Facilitator Training

The course will introduce staff to the NHS Leadership Framework and explain the construction of the 360 questionnaire as well as identifying the steps involved in the 360-degree feedback process. This training is ideally suited to staff with a background in coaching and mentoring or for HR/OD Practitioners who would like to be able to use the NHS LF 360-degree feedback tool.


Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – Level 3 Award in Management and Leadership

The Award in First Line Management: is a concise qualification which gives an introduction to the basic skills, knowledge, and understanding required by today’s first line manager. The modules covering ‘Motivating to Perform’ and ‘Solving Problems and Making Decisions’ are designed to develop practical techniques for motivating the workforce as well as tackling managerial problems and decisions through gathering and interpreting information to the subsequent effective communication of outcomes.


Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership

The Certificate in Management and Leadership is aimed at developing basic middle management skills and knowledge. The compulsory unit, ‘Understanding the management role’, examines organisational structure and function, the roles and responsibilities of middle managers and the effect of communication and interpersonal skills on managerial performance.


Band 6 Nurse Leadership Development Programme

This programme is specifically aimed at Band 6 Sisters and Charge Nurse Leaders. It is recognised that for many nurse leaders at this level this is their first leadership role and managing staff and being the person in charge can be a daunting task! This programme has a practical focus to reflect the nature of the role; it covers topics such as leading teams, problem solving, delegation skills, prioritising work, having difficult conversations and giving feedback.


Ward Manager Nurse Leadership Development Programme

This is a fast paced, ‘in at the deep end’ programme, with delegates starting off the course with a development centre where they take part in a range of group exercises designed to challenge their leadership skills. The programme then moves into more traditional class room based learning with sessions covering leadership, effective communication, managing performance and service improvement.


Matron Nurse Leadership Development Programme

The Matrons programme consists of a mix of facilitated learning sets, 360 degree feedback and classroom based learning. The facilitated learning sets cover topics such as motivating teams, coaching skills, managing change, setting standards and using patient stories to improve services.


Consultant Leadership Development Programme

The Consultant Leadership Development Programme is for those Consultants who are new to the role. It is accredited at Masters Level by a local university and it aims to provide Consultants with a solid foundation in leadership skills, providing delegates with the skills, knowledge and ability to make a difference from day one.


Consultant Stretch – Advanced Leadership Development Programme

The Consultant Stretch – Advanced Leadership Development Programme is for those Consultants who are experienced in the role and are aspiring Clinical or Medical Directors of the future. This Masters Level accredited programme is designed to be challenging and fast paced that will help to stretch and hone leadership skills and abilities. It will equip senior Consultants with the full range of strategic level leadership skills that will help delegates to take the lead and make a difference.


Rising Star – Career MOT

The Career MOT is part of our Talent Management Strategy. We are passionate about developing and retaining our rising stars, the Career MOT is one of our tools we use to help our stars to shine. The career MOT helps the individual to build on their strengths and address their development needs through a range of targeted interventions which includes personality profiling, 360 degree feedback, career coaching and career development action planning.