Oculoplastic and Orbital Services

The Oculoplastics / Orbital Service provides examinations, diagnosis and treatment of disorders, anomalies and injuries of the eyelids, tear ducts and the orbit (bony structure around the eye).

This includes pre-operative and post-operative evaluation, and surgical management of oculoplastic/orbital problems.

  • Eyelid disorders: eyelid malposition (ectropion, entropion & ptosis), eyelid cancer (Mohs reconstruction surgery), eyelid trauma
  • Tear duct problems (Lacrimal disorders): congenital or acquired tear duct obstruction, watery eyes, tear duct injuries.
  • Orbital disorders: Thyroid Eye Disease, orbital tumours, orbital trauma (orbital fractures)
  • Anophthalmic socket work: eye removal (enucleation / evisceration), orbital implants