Occupational Therapy


The Occupational Therapy service (O.T.) at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals is committed to providing a high quality of service to our patients. A part of this is to ensure the development of effective practitioners. In partnership with higher Education institutions the O.T. service offers Practice Placement opportunities on three sites as follows:

 Royal Preston Hospital

Sharoe Green Hospital

Chorley & South Ribble Hospital

The Occupational Therapy manager and secretary on 01772 522852

act as placement co-ordinators for these services.

Occupational Therapists


The Occupational Therapist offers patients on medical, surgical and orthopaedic wards a functional screening assessment service that identifies potential for a range of rehabilitation options, environmental and equipment issues and future management requirements

Specialist occupational therapy services include:

  • Burns and plastics orthotics following hand trauma, surgery/grafts and tendon injury
  • Pressure therapy for scarring and/or to reduce oedema
  • Dynamic Lycra splinting
  • Scar management –silicone/minerals gels
  • Cosmetic camouflage and electrolysis - for scarring and a range of skin disorders
  • Neurosciences – specialist assessments to support functional screening of specific conditions and interventions to enable function and discharge
  • Rheumatology - support to patients with a disabling arthritic condition may include splinting, aids and adaptations to enable function, joint protection, pain, energy and emotional management
  • Surgical - functional assessment and facilitation including wheelchair assessments and rehabilitation, for example in adjusting to amputation
  • Neuro rehabilitation - programmes include assessment and treatment of the neurologically damaged patient around seating, cognitive and executive skills and functional skills development
  • Rehabilitation - A range of patient-centred rehabilitation programmes are developed to maximise function in both the in-patient and clinic settings.  Specific patient-centred programmes such as falls management, cardiac rehabilitation and rehabilitation after stroke are implemented
  • Orthopaedic - A comprehensive assessment and treatment service focuses on functional requirements enabling early discharge home after both elective surgery and trauma interventions.  An orthotic service also supports the trauma event offering fracture bracing and a range of custom made splints
  • Orthotics - Assessment and application of custom moulded thermoplastic splint/braces that may include neck, spine, upper and lower limb and be in response to critical care, neurosurgery and orthopaedic in-patients and outpatients.

Applying To Become An Occupational Therapist


Entry requirements:
You need five GCSE passes and at least two, (usually three) A levels. A science subject at A’ level is sometimes required. Alternatives to A levels are also considered, such as an approved access course, VCE and Scottish qualifications. It is essential to check the entry requirements of the university/universities to which you wish to apply.

Training programmes:
Training normally consists of a three year course leading to a BSc in occupational therapy. If you are already employed as an occupational therapy support worker or a technical instructor, however, you might be able to study part-time in some areas, in which case the course would take four years. There are also graduate entry schemes to a two year accelerated course which also lead to a formal qualification. You are then able to apply for the necessary registration to work in the NHS or social services.

Applying for a degree in occupational therapy
Applications for degree programmes are administered by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Practice Placement Profiles

These profiles were developed to assist Occupational Therapy Students in preparing for placements here at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals.

Royal Preston Hospital
Orthotics [doc] 95KB
Rheumatology OPD [doc] 100KB
Medical Rehabilitation [doc] 90KB 
OTStroke_RPH.doc [doc] 90KB 
OTRPH_Medical_surgical_Team_c.doc [doc] 91KB 
OTHand_therapy.doc [doc] 100KB

 Chorley & South Ribble Hospital
OTOrthotics_CDGH.doc [doc] 95KB 
OTBelmont_Assessment_Centre_student_CDGH.doc [doc] 97KB 
OTHand_therapy (1).doc [doc] 100KB 
OTCDGH_Medical_student.doc [doc] 95KB 
OTElective_orthopaedic_CDGH.doc [doc] 100KB 
OTCDGH_Rehab_student.doc [doc] 95KB

Sharoe Green Hospital
OTNRU_Clinical_Place.doc [doc] 91KB


Useful Documents

Guidance on conduct and ethics for students [pdf] 109KB
Standards of education and training September 2009 [pdf] 82KB


Useful Websites


British Association of Occupational Therapists

Health Professions Council