Obstetric research

We are an active participant in obstetric research and member of the local research network.  We are currently involved in a range of research programmes and clinical trials which aim to improve health outcomes for pregnant women, mums and babies including :

  • SHIP Trial. (Self-hypnosis for Intrapartum pain).  This study is open to primagravida and aims to assess the effect of a self-hypnosis programme upon the rates of epidural use in labour.
  • The 35/39 study is looking at induction of labour versus expectant management for women over 35 years.  The aim is to compare the ways of managing the pregnancies of women over 35, induction of labour at 39+ weeks or usual care without this early intervention.  The primary aim for this study is to assess if caesarean section rates are increased. 
  • EMPOWAR  is a randomised controlled Trial which aims to assess if Metformin reduces excess birthweight of babies born to women with a raised BMI. A raised BMI during pregnancy may cause the baby to grow to excess and may cause other pregnancy complications.  This study aims to find out if Metformin improves the mothers and the baby’s health.
  • Opptimum is looking at Progesterone Prophylaxis to Prevent Pre-term labour