Lumbar disectomy

Lower back pain and leg pain are extremely common symptoms experienced with up to 5 million people seeing their G.P each year about back pain.
There are many causes of back and leg pain including muscle pain, normal wear and tear and problems with the spine. Problems with the spine can sometimes be corrected with surgery, which is the situation in your case.
The spine is made up of several bones running from your neck and down to the level of the hips as well as ligaments which help keep the bones in place. Also between each bone of the spine is a disc made of cartilage which acts as support and as a shock absorber. The spine acts to support your body weight and help with movement, as well as protect the spinal cord, which is a collection of nerves that carries information to and from the brain, helping with movement and sensation. If there is any pressure on the spinal cord, it can cause pain in the back and legs, and sometimes weakness of the muscles. Two of the causes of pressure are Spinal Stenosis and Disc Prolapse.

Normal anatomy

an illustration of the normal anatomy of a section of spine

Ruptured disc

illustration of a spine section with a ruptured disc

Removal of ruptured region of disc

illustration showing removal of ruptured section of disc

Decompressed nerve

Illustration showing section of spine with decompressed nerve