Commonly asked questions

How long will I stay in Hospital?
The length of time you stay in hospital depends on the surgical procedure that you have had and can be 1-5 days. It depends on how your surgery goes your health and personal circumstances. When you attend the pre-op assessment you will be given a rough idea regarding your length of stay. However, your surgeon will make a final decision after the operation.

When can I walk?
You will usually be encouraged to begin walking the morning after your surgery.
How long should I wait before I can drive?
The recommended time is 3-4 weeks before driving a car. This may vary depending on your surgery and progression during rehabilitation.
What should I bring into Hospital?
Be sure to bring any medications that you may need during your stay. Leave valuables at home. Bring the usual overnight belongings including nightdress or pyjamas, walking or dressing aid if used, dressing gown, books/magazines, slippers or non-slip shoes, toiletries, tissues or handkerchiefs, spectacles and loose change.
You should try and avoid over packing though as only a small locker is provided.
Can I eat and drink the day before?
Yes. The time to stop drinking and eating will be planned once the theatre list is written. This is usually 5pm the evening before your operation day.
When can I have a shower after my surgery?
You can have a shower the day after your surgery. If your dressing gets wet, a new one can be applied
How soon can I go back to work?
This is assessed on a patient by patient basis. However, you can usually return to work after six to eight weeks. But you may need to stay off work for three months if your work involves a lot of standing or lifting.
What are the risks?
All the risks will be discussed with you prior to your surgery and although they are not common you should be aware that there is the potential for them to occur. These include risk from anaesthesia, small risk of increased pain in back or leg, risk of injury to the nerves causing weakness or numbness in legs, bladder, bowel or sex organs, leak of spinal fluid, infection and blood clots.
If you have any further questions, please write them down and bring with you to the pre-op clinic and these can be answered then.