Neurosciences - Therapy Services

Location and Scope of the Service

The Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) is a regional 25 bed specialist centre for people with highly complex brain injuries and other neurological conditions.  It is a specially commissioned regional unit based at Royal Preston Hospital.  It consists  of a 13 bedded level 1 rehabilitation unit and a 12 bedded level 2A unit.

The aim of the therapy team is to provide highly specialised therapeutic assessment, intervention and discharge planning to patients who have  complex, physical, behavioural and cognitive needs.  The integrated therapy team is part of the wider disciplinary team on the unit which works collaboratively to ensure the rehabilitation provided encompasses all the patients needs.

Therapists Roles

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists restore or maintain the functional ability of the patient, taking into consideration their physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioural, social and environmental factors.  The overall aim is to facilitate a return to as many aspects of daily and community living as possible.  This includes coping with memory difficulties, poor attention, behaviour management strategies, wheelchair seating and postural management.  We aim to handover strategies and work jointly with other team members and family to achieve the best functional gain. This will include home visits to advise regarding need for aids and adaptations in preparation for discharge and at times assessment for travelling in the wheelchair accessible vehicle

Holistic Ethos

The Occupational Therapists (OT’s) and Physiotherapists work as part of the interdisciplinary team using a patient centred approach. Throughout the assessment and intervention process we work together with patients and families to assess needs and discuss goals for now and the future. A key ingredient of this is good communication between all team members.  We encourage patients and family to talk to staff, to pass on information and ask any questions they have.


Physiotherapists assess in detail your posture and how you move during a daily activity.  Treatment aims to improve the posture of your body and limbs and activating weak muscles. Making movements and activities such as sitting, reaching and standing easier.  This is achieved through exercises, mobilising muscles and joints and practising movements and postures.  We work closely with other team members to improve your independence in daily activities.