Neurosciences ( including Neurology and Neurosurgery)

The Neurosciences Integrated Therapy Team (Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy) is based at Royal Preston Hospital, which is a Regional Neurosciences and Major Trauma Centre for Lancashire and South Cumbria.  The Neurosciences team work on both neurosurgical and neurology wards.


The neurosurgery wards care for patients admitted via emergency pathways with head and spinal trauma or electively with a variety of head or spinal conditions which require surgery.  The neurology ward cares for those admitted due to an acute deterioration of their neurological condition or those requiring diagnosis.


The aim of the therapy team is to provide specialist physical and cognitive assessment to provide treatment to achieve best functional outcomes.  We progress rehabilitation, support longer term management of conditions and contribute to discharge planning working with other health and social care professionals.  We endeavour to provide a quality service based on individuals’ needs and have a positive impact on patient care and experience.


Our therapy team is on the ward 8.30 - 4.30, Monday to Friday.

Contact Details

Royal Preston Hospital - 01772 716565

Physiotherapy - Bleep 2801

Occupational therapy - Bleep 3553