Monitor investigation - December 2013

We have been advised by Monitor, the regulator of health services in England, that it will be conducting an investigation into our performance against two healthcare metrics – the 18-week aggregate referral-to-treatment target for admitted patients; and the number of Clostridium difficile infections this year.  

Karen Partington, Chief Executive of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “We advised Monitor last month that we would not achieve the 18 week referral to treatment standard for the third consecutive quarter.  We have also reported that we have exceeded our trajectory for the number of cases of Clostridium difficile infections.

Last winter our urgent care services experienced intense, growing and unsustainable pressure.  To help manage this pressure and make sure patients with urgent needs could receive prompt treatment we postponed a number of elective procedures, and have since found it challenging to meet the 18 week standard for admitted patients.

“In recent years we have made great progress in significantly reducing hospital acquired infections.  Despite this good performance and our continued efforts we have exceeded what is a very challenging trajectory for the Clostridium difficile infection year to date.

“We are absolutely committed to providing excellent care with compassion, and will be working closely with Monitor in the coming weeks to share our recovery plans, and make sure we are taking every action possible to deliver timely treatment, and reduce hospital acquired infection.”