Research and Development features heavily in the Department of Health’s Plan for Growth released by the government in March 2011.  In the document, the importance of health sciences research to the UK economy is highlighted along with a number of initiatives to enhance delivery.  This has led to the introduction of benchmarks for Trusts, which makes NIHR funding conditional upon their attainment.

During 2012/13, we recruited a total of 1,777 patients onto our research programmes surpassing our NIHR Clinical Research Network recruitment target. Over the last 12 months, over 150 research projects have been underway across our organisation, covering a wide spectrum of areas from diabetes, to children’s ear infections and early onset of labour, to name just a few.  For the first quarter of 2013, we had a median time of 8 days for NHS permission with 62.5% of portfolio studies hitting their 70 day target.

In May 2013 we recruited the world’s first patient into a Phase 2 Industry sponsored International Clinical Trial in Neurology.