Listening Event - Our Journey to Excellent Care 2018 - Overview and Summary

Our mission is to provide excellent care with compassion

One of the most important aspects of Foundation Trusts is the involvement of foundation trust members in helping to improve and enhance the services provided by their hospitals’ and in developing them further in order to meet the needs of the local community. The Council of Governors have a statutory duty to represent the interests of both members of their NHS foundation trust and of the public.

The aim of the Listening Event was to provide an opportunity for governors to carry out this important role by gaining essential views and opinions from Foundation Trust members and the wider public. The valuable feedback will support the work around co-designing the Improvement Strategy and also used to help drive our Patient Experience and Involvement Strategy.

Ailsa Brotherton, Director of Continuous Improvement and Moira Roberts, Head of Continuous Improvement at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust delivered a presentation explaining the techniques and methods used to take us where we are now, to where we want to be. Cathy Atherton, Divisional Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Director highlighted some of the great work that has been implemented in the Maternity and Neonatal services.

The event had 62 attendees and provided an opportunity for people to contribute by giving their views and opinions around three specific questions.  Attendees were seated at one of seven tables along with facilitators comprising of our senior managers and governors who took notes of key points. Facilitators were asked to ensure that the discussions were inclusive and a participative process. Following the discussions, everybody convened back together in order to share their group’s principal issues and concerns.

Q1.  What really matters to you or your family when in hospital, if you have had some experience of our hospitals as either a patient or visitor, how was that experience?

Q2.   What needs to happen in the hospital environment that will make you feel safer and build confidence in the care that you receive?                 

Q3.  Following the presentation and discussions tonight, what improvements, that are important to you, are missing from the Trust plans? Are there any quick wins?  

The table below shows some of the feedback we captured and we were able to allocate into four key areas. Consideration was given to people who were unable to have their questions answered on the night and another mechanism for feedback was provided by way of a “question card”.  We received seven completed question cards, and by providing their contact details, they were assured that they would receive a personal response.

Next steps: -

  • Action to be included in Quality Improvement Plan
  • Inform the new Continuous Improvement Strategy
  • Be reflected in the refresh of the Patient Experience and Involvement Strategy.

The event was a huge success with everyone attending giving meaningful input and feedback about their own experiences and concerns regarding the hospitals’ services and environment. Many people commented that they felt that they had been listened to by senior and managers and clinicians. The outcome of the event will be useful and will help us to develop our future plans to continually improve the way we provide their care.  A summary of the event will be published on our website under the Membership Section in due course and there will be an article published in the next edition of Trust Matters magazine.


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Listening Event: Our Journey to Excellent Care 2018

Listening Event: Our Journey to Excellent Care 2018

Come along to our Listening Event, this is an opportunity to meet governors and senior managers, all of whom want to hear your feedback. Please do come along and tell us about your views and experiences of our services. Your input will help us to achieve our ambition of providing excellent care with compassion. The evening will also celebrate the great work that our maternity and neonatal services are doing, and we would welcome hearing about your experiences of those and all other hospital services.

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