Our staff are 'unsung heroes' | Latest News

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Our staff are 'unsung heroes' | Latest News

Our staff are 'unsung heroes'

Staff nominated for Unsung Hero awards

We are thrilled to announce that six members of our staff have been nominated for an ‘unsung hero’ award.

The GoToJobBoard’s Unsung Hero Awards are setup to recognise the hard work that non-clinical healthcare staff do every day, that can sometimes go unnoticed.

Peter McLean, our Post Room Supervisor, has been nominated because of the changes he has implemented in the post room, transitioning the organisation from using handwritten addresses on envelopes to typed labels, at a saving of up to 12p per letter; and ensuring that all letters are situated properly inside the envelope, so that no confidential information is identifiable; and instigating the change from posting first class to posting second class, at a further cost saving. Peter said, “I’m really happy to be nominated for this award, I feel very proud to represent Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and I’d like to thank Alan Ashton for the nomination.”

Janet Oats, Ward Clerk on our respiratory ward, has been nominated because of the improvements she has made to her team and the way they work. Janet retired from our hospitals, but came back after six months keen to implement new ideas and some fresh thinking. She has been co-ordinating with ward clerks, organising breakfast meetings, and creating a rota for cross-cover, which means that ward clerks across seven wards decide where they would be most useful and disperse accordingly- something they were previously unable to do. Janet said: “I feel very humbled and overwhelmed by my nomination, and I’m extremely grateful to the team for their support.”

Jason Bates, Facilities Assistant Manager, has been nominated because of the work he has done around work schedules in our Emergency Department. Jason created a brand new team who are responsible for deep cleaning each cubicle in our Emergency Department at Royal Preston Hospital. Thanks to this development, standards have now significantly improved, and we are achieving between 97% - 100% in audits. Jason said: “I’m incredibly shocked to have been nominated for this award, but am very grateful for the nomination, and to the rest of my team.”

Steven Smith, Security Supervisor, has been nominated because of his commitments to the job and to the organisation. As well as being the acting supervisor across our Preston and Chorley sites, Steven has been training staff on violence and aggression management, and was instrumental in managing demonstrations at Chorley Hospital during the closure of its Emergency Department. Steven said: “It feels great to be recognised for the hard work that myself and the Security Team have been doing, I’m very grateful for the nomination and very grateful to my team for all their support and hard work.”

Adrian Hawtin and David Leech, who are both Multimedia Developers, have been nominated by our Chief Executive, Karen Partington. Karen says: “I nominated Adrian and David because they go the extra mile; for them, nothing is too much trouble, they are dynamic and innovative, and always looking to improve the way they do things. They are consummate professionals and their work always looks incredibly professional – they have no limits to their ambitions to be the best.” Adrian said: “Thank you, I’m thrilled and honoured to be nominated for this award,” and David said: “I’m delighted to be nominated for this award, I feel very lucky that I get to work within my team, doing what we do.”

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