Lancashire Simulation Centre

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Our multi-million pound simulation centre is a world-class learning facility that delivers award-winning multi-disciplinary clinical training and education programmes, and offers unique access to a range of the very latest high fidelity mannequins.

We can develop and deliver bespoke training packages for clinical staff of all disciplines, as well as providing undergraduate and postgraduate medical education programmes.  Our staff are able to continue their professional development and learn new skills and techniques in a modern environment.

Facilities include high fidelity Medical Education Technologies Incorporated (METI) mannequins, and the Laerdal SimMan, Sim Baby and SimMom, as well as covert observation rooms and high quality audio visual equipment.  Mannequins can be controlled by clinical staff during training sessions to develop live clinical scenarios, and learners who aren’t actively involved can observe to plan their care management plans.  Video is used in the session debrief to provide a rich learning experience.  The facility enable dynamic and responsive teaching sessions, where scenario  are utilised in a learning suite that includes covert observation rooms to enable students to observe scenarios.  

Our simulation centre provides training that is approved by:

The Royal College of Anaesthetists
The Royal College of Physicians
The College of Emergency Medicine
The Royal College of Surgeons of England

Training is developed and provided by a qualified, multi-disciplinary team that can create bespoke learning programmes for any clinical learning requirements.


Association for simulated practice in healthcare Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare