John Cheesbrough

Dr Cheesbrough

Job Title: Consultant Microbiologist

Department: Pathology

Telephone Number: 01772 522107

Primary Medical Qualification: MBBS University of London

Other Qualifications: BSc, MRCP, FRCPath

Date of Registration: 1979

GMC Number: 2408576

Career History: After a General Medical rotation in Nottingham I was a Research Fellow in Boston USA in infectious disease. Following this I returned to Nottingham as a research registrar. I then worked in Malawi for two years as a General Physician and encountered a wide range of infectious diseases including the then emerging HIV epidemic. Training in microbiology commenced in 1986 at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, first in the NHS department and then as a Lecturer.  I was appointed a consultant first at Blackburn in 1993 and moved to the Preston Public Health Laboratory in 1995 and in 2003 this joined Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Specialist Areas: Infectious diseases and antibacterial treatment

Specialist Interests: Impact of antimicrobial treatment on emergence of resistance and health care associated infection.

Research Interests: IV Catheter related infection. Enteric infections: norovirus, giardia, Invasive salmonellosis. Multi-resistant E. coli.

Languages Spoken: English