Olympian visits mobility centre

new playroom at the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre

We have refurbished a new playroom at the Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre (SMRC) and have invited an Olympic athlete to join us for a children’s party to mark the occasion.

TChildren entering new specialist mobility playroomhe centre provides specialist wheelchair, prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation to both children and adults throughout Lancashire.

The upgraded room completes significant behind the scenes work from the SMRC Patient Public Involvement Team collaborating with Newman College, the SMRC User Group and SMRC Paediatric Patients to select and commission a range of mural artworks for the playroom walls that will encourage much needed play and distraction for the children.

The brand new children’s play room also features televisions, DVD players, toys, slides, activity sheets and soft play mats to suit youngsters of all ages.

The artwork has been completed by a former Lancaster University student, Natalie Charlesworth. She has created a range of themed mural walls and activity sheets. Joint Patient Public Involvement lead for the SMRC, Christopher Fenton said: “We really appreciate the work that Natalie has done for us. It will make a real difference to our patients and Natalie has carried on the work of her own grandfather and father who also produced similar murals for the centre.”

The room will be used by our young patients as well as their siblings and the children of our adult patients. It will be used to provide distraction and gentle stimulation and will also provide respite from parents or carers away from the main waiting area.

 The new play room was unveiled earlier today (Friday 11th April) during a children’s party held at the SMRC this afternoon. Around 50 children and their families attended the party and the youngsters took part in a range of sporting activities led by Olympic javelin thrower Shelley Holroyd, who had this to say about the event: “It’s been a really fun day, and it’s been great to see all the children get involved. For many of these children, it will be the first time they’ve been able to take part in a sports day, so I’m happy to help out.”

Rory Davies, Head of Service at the SMRC said: “We are delighted to open our new children’s play room, which will be an extremely valuable resource. Some of our youngsters that visit the centre spend many hours here, so it’s important that we have somewhere for them to play and for them to be distracted from their treatment or that of their sibling or parent.

We decided to officially open the new play room by organising a party for the children because a gathering here at the centre is one of the few occasions they can feel the benefit of mutual interaction in a playful setting. They all really enjoyed meeting Shelley and getting involved in the activities and it helps them to realise that mobility conditions don’t have to mean that children stop being active.

We are delighted to open our new children’s play room, which will be an extremely valuable resource.