Hospital food

Meals are provided for hospital inpatients at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Patients are asked to make a selection from a menu of options.  A wide variety of options are provided as standard including vegetarian, gluten free, low sodium, low fibre, low fat, fortified, soft texture, multicultural, Halal, and special options for renal patients.

Patient meal trolleyOther dietary requirements can be catered for on request.

Usually fruit, cereal, porridge, rolls and juice are offered for breakfast.
A hot main meal, salad or sandwich, and dessert are offered for lunch.
Soup, salad or sandwich, jacket potato and dessert are offered for dinner.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and the speech and language therapy teams are involved in designing and reviewing the menu.  Menus and meals are continuously reviewed based on feedback from patients.

We operate a ‘protected mealtimes’ system to ensure patients can eat their meals without interruptions from staff or visitors.  Staff are available at mealtimes to support patients who may need assistance to eat, and adapted cutlery is readily available.  All patients’ food and fluid intake is monitored as standard to ensure proper nourishment and hydration.  If you have any dietary concerns about your hospital stay, or are a friend or relative worried about a patient’s food and fluid intake, please do speak with nursing staff.

Little girl enjoying food at the hospital