HeadStrong hair loss service at Rosemere Cancer Centre

breast cancer care logoFor many people, losing their hair can be one of the most traumatic parts of cancer treatment as it can have a devastating effect on their confidence and body image.

There is however help at hand at HeadStrong, a hair loss advisory service run by the UK’s leading support charity, Breast Cancer Care, at the Rosemere Cancer Centre..

The charity’s free, one-to-one ‘HeadStrong’ service is open to anyone facing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment and teaches scarf-tying techniques, as well as giving patients the chance to try on a range of hairpieces and hats as an alternative to wearing a wig. Patients can learn how to look after their hair and scalp before, during, and after treatment and will have the chance to talk through any concerns with specially trained volunteers, some of whom have had a personal experience of breast cancer.

What a previous client said about the HeadStrong service:

‘It was lovely to have a one to one session with very friendly people who could empathise with the insecurities that come with hair loss.  It was a very relaxed and informative session and I was impressed with the amount of different varieties of headwear available.  It made me feel more confident about my situation and was a visit to the hospital that I actually enjoyed!’

If you have lost or are worried about losing your hair due to cancer treatment you can make an individual appointment by calling 01772 523 522. Appointments last approximately one hour and run on Fridays between 9.30am and 12.30pm.  ‘HeadStrong’, like all Breast Cancer Care services, is completely free.

For more information on all the services the charity offers, visit:


or call our free Helpline on 0808 800 6000.